ZoomIt 4.4

A program designed to let you zoom into your desktop and write on the screen

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    Windows NT / Windows ME / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 8 / Windows 95 / Windows 2000 / Windows 98

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    6.7 (44)

ZoomIt can improve the performance or your conferences and business meetings by turning your computer into a responsive presentation device. With ZoomIt, your laptop or desktop becomes a whiteboard that you can use to communicate your thoughts more effectively without having to rely on burdensome software like Powerpoint. There are a number of options here. Best of all, ZoomIt is both unobtrusive and incredibly easy to learn. Getting a hang of the software should just take minutes to learn, and once you have a feel for it, it can treat it like a tool accessible directly at your fingertips. The small size of this software means it takes up almost no space and doesn't contribute to slowdown, and it remains dormant in your system tray until you trigger the keystroke macro you use to access its functions.

The controls are incredibly intuitive as well. While Control and 1 are the default combination for activating ZoomIt, these can be changed easily in the configuration settings. Once ZoomIt is active, you can zoom in or out on your screen with the mouse wheel or simple using your up or down keys. While this ability to focus in on specific aspects of your computer make it great for presentations, that's just a part of the services that ZoomIt offers. It's a dedicated presentation device, and pulling it up on your machine allows you to draw directly on the surface. The color and thickness of your pencil can be changed just as with any photo or picture editing client, and since ZoomIt is compatible with all versions of Windows, it coordinates easily with a stylus or finger if you're making use of a touchscreen monitor. There'a also the ability to type directly on the screen.

Naturally, the application for this software is pretty broad. Rather than making use of a conventional slideshow, you can simply connect your computer to the conference room TV and use it directly as a remote for your presentation. IT professionals and teachers can use it as a tool to guide their students along in their exercises, and individuals trying to make a living with live streaming or curated videos can incorporate it into their shows to improve their branding and create more dynamic experiences for their followers. It's perhaps better to think of ZoomIt as a utility rather than a standard software platform. This isn't something you'll be going into the system menu to access, and you won't need to worry about booting it up. Instead it serves functionally as an extension of your Windows operating system, accessible when you needed and out of sight when you don't. Its such a small and simple thing that it's worth a download for just about everyone.


  • A zooming and annotation tool for your monitor that's accessible with a single button press
  • Customization options available for drawing and writing on your surface
  • Works well with all versions of Windows


  • A little light on features

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